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Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1452g
Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1452g 

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Dunnett 6.5x14" Titanium Snare Drum - Carter Beauford Purple
Dunnett 6.5x14" Titanium Snare Drum - Carter Beauford Purple
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Welcome to Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums is Chicago and Manhattan's only Vintage and Custom Drum Shop and Museum. We have an extensive inventory that is constantly changing so keep checking back for new and unique vintage drums and cymbals. The links to your left will guide you through the web site. Please email us if you would like to sell any of your vintage drum gear or would like to discuss an item you see on this web site. We also carry new cymbals, heads, drums, sticks, books, and hardware. Let us know if we can help you in any way with your new and custom drum needs.

HOURS: NY Store: Mon-Fri 11-7. Sat. 11-6. Sun Closed.  Naperville Store: Fri 11-6, Sat 10-5, other times by appointment.


And, our podcast is now available on iTunes!!  (New episode posted March 4th!)

See the latest on Steve's Drums Facts. We talk about the differences in shells, edges and sound quality of the 50s-70s USA drums. HERE.

Finally! I have completed the drum tuning video that many people have been requesting: See it HERE. And, we have added a new section for the website titled Steve's Tuning Tips and Weblog with a link to the tuning video and also a log of questions along with Steve's answers for all to see. See it HERE. You can also access it in the list on the left of our main page.

MAJOR REMODELING OF OUR NY STORE! DETAILS AND NEW PHOTOS OF PROGRESS ARE HERE. AND, ROLAND electronic drum products coming soon to the NY store as part of our remodeling for 2016. Info HERE.

11/26 11am. Check out what I just added! They come and go fast! See below:

NEWS!!! We are now your exclusive midtown NYC location for the Tama Star series sets!!! Details HERE.

Repro parts update: A small batch of new Maxwell repro parts has arrived and we will fill orders in the order in which they were received. The rest have left the manufacturer and will arrive circa 12/20. Thanks for being patient.

1) Rogers set with cocktail set up. HERE. Amazing RADIO KING set. HERE. Gretsch USA fans: Unique color and first kit with 50s style FT legs and brackets. Check this out: HERE. Craviotto 7x14 mahogany special deal! HERE. Beautiful Rogers 13/16/22 HERE

CRAVIOTTO AK MASTERS BRONZE FOR 2016 ORDER NOW! Only 4 left in 7x14 HERE. 5.25x14 (Note: As of 11/20 the 5.25 are now SOLD OUT) HERE.

2):  First new Ludwig kit built with our new 4 hole Ludwig repro tom holder! HERE.  Craviotto/Gladstone 5.5x14 built with a Craviotto solid Oak 21 year old shell! HERE. Incredible Ludwig 20s era Black Beauty!! HERE

NEW! Steve's Video Selections page. HERE. Craviotto ash kit HERE. Special Craviotto maple kit HERE. Beautiful and special Craviotto snare HERE. Yet another 60s Gretsch kit from original owner just in, 13-16-22-5.5 champagne sparkle 6 ply in our NY store HERE. One of the rarest late 50s starlight sparkle 13/16/22/5.5 kits you'll ever see! HERE. Craviotto unique WMP 5.5x14 from the first wrapped kit ever made. HERE. Craviotto 6.5 maple HERE. Gretsch RB 5.5x14 COB snare HERE; Ludwig 5x14 60s pre serial era alloy Super Sensitive HERE.

3) COMING SOON: Ludwig blue sparkle 60s era 12/14/20!! Tama Star series Bubinga in Indian Laurel finish 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 14x16, 16x22, 6x14 barely used! Craviotto custom set. Mahogany 8x12, 14x14, 14x18, 4.5x14 with die cast tom hoops, double inlay on the shells, 30/30 edges and custom matching mahogany bass drum hoops with no inlay! Call Steve on these 630-865-6849.

4) Ludwig 60s 10x14, 16x16, 14x22 WMP! HERE. NEW from Craviotto! Center Stage kits in new sizes! Info HERE. 12/15/22 kit HERE. 13/16/24 kit HERE.

5) NEW from Gretsch Limited Aqua Satin Flame kits! Click Image:   

6) NEW! Gretsch 7x14 Ltd Edition "FredKaster 65" snare drum! Click Image: 


7) The FIRST Gretsch BroadKaster kit with our repro leg brackets & legs, and new black/gold/black duco: 


8) AMAZING Angel Drums bop kit in oak! Listen to the video file on this set! Click Image: 

9) MINT 60s era Ludwig Acrolite! HERE. Clean alloy shell Supra HERE

10) FOUR of the rarest drum sets in the world available now! HERE. HERE. HERE. HERE.

11) Fibes 5.5x14 chrome over fiberglass superb example! Click image: 


12) Here with video! Dead mint 1 of 15 made Yamaha 45th anniversary Recording Custom. Click the image: 

Slingerland black 13/16/22 really clean and a bargain. HERE. Five more Fibes snares! HERE. NEW. Pre Order now! Only 5 sets. Ludwig Classic Maple Jazzette in vintage build in our exclusive Rose Marine pearl. Order now. See details HERE.

UPDATE: Prototypes and serial #00, 01, 02, 03, 04 and 07 now sold! Call now. NEW! Introducting the limited edition Craviotto/Gladstone snares! ORDER NOW. INFO HERE. Video and pics HERE

Exclusive to us in NY: The Murat Diril cymbal line. Very cool stuff!! HERE.

Call the NY store at 212-730-8138 for Gretsch USA massive delivery of satin maple and satin walnut. Pick your sizes!

Gretsch repro 4 point butt plate! See it and pre-order it HERE. More parts just added for Ludwig and Slingerland. Vintage Reproduction Parts! Pre-order now! HERE. Video info page on the entire Craviotto line! 22 videos for you to choose from! HERE.

Incredible Craviotto caddy green/curly maple/caddy green kit with video and sound in 3 different tunings. Truly amazing versatility. HERE.

Sonor Benny Greb 5.75x13 snare drum HERE.  

LOADS of vintage cymbals just added in Latest Products HERE. Ludwig Legacy Mahogany 12-14-20-5.5 in burgundy sparkle! HERE. See our new video on our Maxwell snare drum line HERE. And see our current Maxwell snare stock HERE.

NO WAITING. I have 27 Craviotto kits IN STOCK! NO ONE stocks more.  LOTS of newly added cymbal listings. HERE.  Insane Craviotto kit! HERE. Fibes kit!!! HERE.


May 8: Our Maxwell Drums Nesting Kits reviewed in the June issue of Modern Drummer. Great review! See and buy the kits HERE. Or, call us at 212-730-8138 and place an order for one!  READ THE MODERN DRUMMER MAXWELL NESTING KIT REVIEW HERE.

Not one but TWO kits that were originally owned by Art Blakey! HERE and HERE.

Latest Videos: Steve demos a wood dyna: HERE. Steve on Louie Bellson's kit: HERE. Steve on WFL vintage kit: HERE. Steve on new Ludwig Legacy Mahogany: HERE. Steve on new Premier bop kit: HERE. Steve on Craviotto Center Stage kit: HERE.

The new Sonor Vintage Series is coming to our shops!! HERE

Jan 19th: EXCLUSIVE for us with Ludwig: Rose Marine Pearl!! See it HERE.

Jan 15th: AND NOW..... New from Ludwig USA! The 50s era mahogany shell is back!!! Legacy Mahogany!! See it HERE.

Jan 15th: ARE YOU READY!!!! NEW PRODUCTS FROM CRAVIOTTO FOR 2015!! The new Craviotto solid shell $3600 Center Stage 3pc drum set HERE. And, the new $649 solid maple Johnny C series snares HERE. INCREDIBLE DEALS!!! And, see Steve's overview of the  2015 Craviotto mid line product offerings HERE.

Jan 7: Read Steve's comments about DW acquiring owned and licensed KMC brands, including Gretsch. HERE.

Jan 8, 2015:

See our Maxwell Drums line re-launch for our new snares! Taking orders now! See them and see Steve's video as well: HERE and HERE. And check out this pic of the 6.5!!


9/10: Check this now for information about an important collection we are brokering! Steve's brand new personal website is up and running as of right now! This personal website will be my portal for communicating lots of information to all of you. It's called "The Lounge" and you can see it at or simply click HERE.

Updates and Specials:

1) LOTS of new items listed. Sets, snares, cymbals, you name it. Check recent updates in Latest Products HERE or just click at top of page on "Latest Products" 

See the NY Gretsch USA showroom. World's largest. Over 250 drums on hand. See the video HERE. and see showroom photos HERE.  

Our Gretsch Jazz Legends series is here. 3 sets in stock! Same set up as Elvin and Art Blakey with 12x16 bass drum. HERE.


Our new line of drum sticks is here: "STX by Maxwell". Our first model is in and we have a dozen more planned. And, Steve has a video showing how the stick performs on various cymbals etc. See it all HERE.

Anyone out there wondering if they should buy a Gretsch USA jazz kit? We'll settle that for you. Just click HERE.

Need a Craviotto snare drum? This is just what we have on the NY 4th floor alone. 25 more on 3rd flr:

Here we go for 2014! Steve's new Gretsch USA "Jazz Legends" series for 2014 is here and he has just ordered a massive amount of other Gretsch USA Custom and Brooklyn for delivery in 2014. Call to reserve your set and see it all HERE.

Link over to our new PODCAST channel. We'll be posting lots of podcasts for your listening enjoyment. Many podcasts are up: a) Billy Gladstone. b) Vintage Gretsch drums. c) Vintage Ludwig drums. d) Charlie Donnelly, vintage drum guru and more. More coming soon!

9/17/13: Billy Gladstone drum set news!HERE.

Naperville (Chicago-land): 630-778-8060.  Hours: 11-6 Fri. 10-5 Sat. Other hours by appointment. Mgr. Steve Maxwell Jr.

Manhattan Shop:212-730-8138. Mgr. Jess Birch   Hours: Mon-Fri 11-7 and Sat. 11-6 

VIDEO CHANNEL: See all of our videos  We've got over 130 videos.  

LATEST PRODUCTScymbals, drum setssnaresall items   STEVE'S PICKS 06/05: Here   ALL THINGS GRETSCH: sets, snares  

ALL CRAVIOTTO: Here  VINTAGE & NEW: sets, snares   CYMBALS VINTAGE & NEW: vintage, other used, new  



3/17/12: Now, Maxwell Drums brings you even MORE custom options for your Craviotto drum set! Click Here:

12/15/11: THIS IS INCREDIBLE! The rarest set I have ever seen! Far more rare than Top Hat and Cane. One of a kind, Leedy Autograph of the Stars over WMP! The only example ever to surface, and it is a 71 YR OLD FULL, COMPLETE KIT FROM THE ORIGINAL OWNER'S FAMILY. UNREAL! Click Here. And now we also have: One of Joe Morello's drum sets. Very cool and lots of history here. Click Here:

11/16/11:  CARL PALMER fans! We have Carl's ELP one-off Remo kit for sale. Click Here.  Another First From Craviotto: New lug style bop kit!! Click Here.   

8/23/11: NEW! Craviotto "hybrid bearing edges" are here!! See our exclusive video of this great new innovation from Craviotto: Click Here

NEWS! We have a new Video Program section of our site. It is managed through MaxWeb Productions, which is the video production division of our business. Our website is evolving into a mini media station and the new video section is a big part of the website evolution initiative. We'll have product specific videos, interviews, instructional videos, special interest and more. Check this section out frequently. Updates will be made oftenClick Here.

LATEST PRODUCTS: Click Here  Items are coming in FAST. Lots of vintage up here already, and LOTS more going in daily with some very cool recent additions!

EBAY auctions. Some special deals! Click Here







Please always feel free to call Steve's cell directly at 630-865-6849630-865-6849 ANYTIME at all. We definitely want to communicate with you. The highest quality service is our hallmark, and we take this very seriously. Steve

Click Here for all of the Maxwell News and Latest Updates. 





Zildjian 17" A. 1970s Cymbal 1180g
Zildjian 17" A. 1970s Cymbal 1180g
Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1452g
Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1452g
Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1422g
Zildjian 18" A. 1950s Cymbal 1422g

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